Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Trust me, kiddo, it’s gonna be a rough ride.” More #DaddyFetish #Roleplay #Sex

“You little slut! Sleeping around, fucking everything you stumble across: your daddy’s best friend, drunk chicks in the shower—anyone. You don’t care who they are.” He really laid into her, grabbing her hips hard enough it hurt, piercing her cunt in swift repetition. “You’ll screw anything with a pulse, Cherry-baby, Daddy’s Little Girl.”

I don't want to give too much away, but a certain someone (or TWO certain someones) might just get caught today!

Chapter 7 of CHERRY is now available for your reading pleasure at Wattpad:


So much dirty filthy daddy fetish sex! So much excitement! Cherry is relentless!

Start from Chapter One (or any other chapter--your choice) here:


Chapter 8 goes up tomorrow. As always, you can buy CHERRY in print (or get the ebook) from many retailers, including http://www.amazon.com/Cherry-Giselle-Renarde-ebook/dp/B00KSS762Y?tag=dondes-20

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