Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Do you like us, Daddy?" #DILF #Erotica #Series

“How old is he?”

“Same age as my dad,” Cherry said. “That’s why I call him Daddy.”

“Daddy?” Lissa asked, pinning him against the front bumper. “Maybe we should call him Daddy, too.”

Phil’s throat clicked. “Cherry?”

She laughed at his pained expression. “You look like you’re scared of us, Daddy. Haven’t you ever been to bed with three girls?”

Phil might just get VERY lucky tonight...

In Chapter 11, Phil takes Cherry home with him after Brad's gig and we see a turning point in the way Cherry views Phil. Up to this point, they've spent pretty much their entire whirlwind romance in the woods. Now that Cherry sees how Phil really lives, will things get a little too real?

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