Sunday, August 27, 2017

Three Happy Endings! #MFM #Menage #Anal #Erotica

What did she do to deserve this? She must have horseshoes up her ass, because how many girls had a boyfriend like Brad? A guy who’d learned not only to swallow his jealousy and support her goals, but to embrace the fact that she was attracted to another man. With these two at her sides, what could go wrong?

You'll never guess where Cherry ends up, but I'll tell you this much: she ends up there with Brad and Phil.

CHERRY's final chapter has arrived! Are you sad? I'm a little sad. I kind of don't want it to end. I'd forgotten how much I love my little Cherry.

Read Chapter 12 right now:

If you haven't started CHERRY yet, read it from the beginning at Wattpad. Chapter One is right here:

And if you're looking for more daddy fetish fiction to devour, I highly recommend the taboo fiction of Lexi Wood. She's the sock puppet currently locked inside my night table drawer--just a convenient place to keep her, really. Check out her site:

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