Thursday, February 25, 2010

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens

Holy Guacamole, Batman!

I have a new release...and it only costs £0.99!!!

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens from Xcite Books is a smoking-hot BDSM-dungeon adaptation of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale called "Faithful John" (Ever heard of it? No? Well, never mind. That part doesn't matter. What does matter is that it is a hot HOT read. Did I mention it was HOT? Yeah, that too.)

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens

The queen's untimely death leaves her son in charge of the brothel-like castle dungeon. Though her devoted servant, Faithful John, promised the queen he would keep the young man from the cursed Mistress Mei, nothing can divide royalty and young love. When the young king asks for her hand in marriage, she realizes her acceptance is a death sentence and says yes even so. Can Faithful John save Mistress Mei from her prescribed fate, or will his devotion see him turned to stone?

Extract from Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens...

The king ventured a few steps toward her, leaning his elbow on a rung of the ladder. Mistress Mei’s aroma was heavy with spice, uplifted by the scent of oranges. When she breathed, her silk top rippled against her chest. Her dark nipples were hard and amply visible through the fabric. ‘What is your specialty?’

With one swift move, she grabbed his wrists and secured them above his head. ‘Bondage.’

The king looked all around in confusion. Even after all he’d seen in the dungeon, his innocence precluded a complete understanding of its appeal. What he required was some practical training.

‘Mistress Mei is an expert with that silk cord,’ Faithful John chimed in from his seat in the corner. ‘What have you got planned for the new king?’

With his hands above his head, his regal jacket rode up almost to his nipples. Tearing his trousers down to his knees, she revealed a fully erect cock eager for human contact. Mei inched forward until the silk of her skirt nearly brushed his drooling cockhead. ‘Back up,’ she instructed. He moved cautiously back until his heel met the wooden ladder. ‘Step up one rung, then another, and stand very still.’

Again he followed instructions, despite the trepidation of climbing backwards up a ladder with his hands tied above his head. Once in position, Mistress Mei began the wild bondage. She circled the soft silk rope around his middle, securing it with knots along the way.

‘The knots are pressing into your pleasure centres,’ she informed him. ‘As they push into you, your brain releases waves of bliss throughout your body.’

‘Mistress Mei could tie you up, leave you to your own devices, and you could bring yourself to orgasm simply by breathing,’ Faithful John went on. The Mistress reached up to wrap her black rope around the king’s extended arms.

‘Yes, I feel it,’ King Edward sighed as a soft breeze like the breath of angels travelled his body. His core felt warm and glowing, easing the grief in his heart and slowing his mental faculties. ‘I’ve never been so calm in all my life.’

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens (hey, sounds like a heavy metal band name, doesn't it?)
Buy it now! It's cheap and satisfying...just like me!

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