Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Converted this Valentine’s Day Resistor?

I used to be as strong a V-Day resistor as I was a radical feminist. I thought it was a cruel pseudo-holiday (no, no, no…I didn’t say “cool super-holiday”) created by Corporate America to make lovers into consumers. Think of all the stuff we’re supposed to buy our girlfriends on V-Day: a dozen roses to go with two dozen chocolates, an expensive meal in a fancy restaurant, and a tiny slip of lingerie she's supposed to squeeze herself into after eating all this! Over and above the big items, we're supposed to buy a piece of cardboard claiming the capacity to speak our feelings for us.

It all seemed so false to me. In many regards it still does. I don’t think it’s right for the social Powers That Be to dictate what we must buy for our partners and when. I also think it’s pretty ridiculous that we condone the pouty behaviour of those who get suicidal over lack of a date or not getting a nice enough gift. I guess I have the same anti-commercial complaints a lot of people have about Christmas. There’s too much pressure on people to produce spectacular gifts. In a sense, Valentine’s Day is a lover’s Christmas.

Now that I’m part way through this blog entry, I’m asking myself if my title is a lie. Am I truly a convert or am I just putting on a show because I happen to have a Valentine’s e-book on the market? (Ooh…did Giselle really say that?) Yes she did. And why? Because if you scrap the commercial aspect of the holiday, I really do like everything V-Day stands for.

Sex. Love. Romance. Communication. Trust. Relationships.

These are topics I write about every day. You know I love sex, love my girlfriend, and love love itself. My Sweet and I have a good thing going. We celebrate our relationship every day, even when we’re at each other’s throats (and I don’t mean erotic asphyxiation—we’re not into that sort of thing). We tend to have aligned views on most matters.

All the same, I cringed when I asked her views on Valentine’s Day. I was completely prepared for her to say, “You’d better have something spectacular planned.” She didn’t—thank god! I can’t afford enough gifts to express in material objects how very special she is to me. Luckily, I have other ways of communicating how much I cherish her. I have my words, and my art, and my body. How could any object made out there in world of factories express my love better than I can express it myself?

Now to answer to my initial question. What converted this Valentine’s Day resistor? Is it corny to say the love of a good woman? I’ve realized that V-Day can be taken as a wonderful opportunity for partners to express their mutual, ongoing love. It can be a day to connect or reconnect. It’s an opportunity to show and tell a partner the great impact they’ve had on our lives.

With or without a partner, Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to meditate on love itself. There are infinite sources of love in this world. Love doesn’t come solely from romantic partners. We must love ourselves before we can truly love anybody else or accept love from them. Remember, the longest of long-term relationships is the one we have with ourselves.

So, above all else, show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Giselle Renarde

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