Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Fun for Valentine's Day

Food can add spice to sex. Go for the sweet stuff -- chocolate, honey, etc. Forget about the calories -- just drizzle and enjoy. Be creative; edible fingerpaints are a great way to add an artful element to your play. Note: I would avoid filling any body cavities with chili peppers. Most folks do not find internal combustion conducive to a romantic evening -- unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, go for it.

Have a great and romantic Valentine’s Day!

Kiernan Kelly

In Their Own Skins II: The Mark of Cain


Almost twenty years have passed since Cain, the formidable T-Rex shifter, and his Ultimate Predators attacked the Shifting Sands Ranch. Jax, Dakota, and the rest of the Pack have matured and prospered. A new generation of shifters have come into their own at the Ranch, not least of which are twins Tai and Mal, who give their uncles no end of sass, just like teenagers should. Life is good, but the peace they’ve enjoyed is about to be splintered.

Cain left behind more than just his mark on the lives of the folks at the Shifting Sands Ranch, and his twin legacies are vengeful, lethal, hungry, and headed for the Ranch, intent on finishing what Cain began.

What happens when the next generation of shifters collide just like their parents' did? Who will survive? Who will come out on top?

Find out in this exciting sequel to In Their Own Skins: Shifting Sands.

Kiernan Kelly lives in the wilds of the alligator-infested U.S. Southeast, slathered in SPF 45, drinking colorful tropical, hi-octane concoctions served by thong-clad cabana boys.

All right, the truth is that she spends her time locked in the dark recesses of her office, writing gay romance while chained to a temperamental Macintosh, drinking coffee, and dreaming of thong-clad cabana boys.



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  1. T-rex shifter? *blinks* This is someone who turns into a T-rex, not someone who moves them about in a van or something right? Though come to think of it that would be fairly formidable.