Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check Out My Hot New Lesbian Anal Fetish Cover!

Before I seek refuge somewhere air-conditioned (Canada shouldn't be this hot!), I thought I'd share the cover (created by Dawné Dominique) for my upcoming lesbian threesome D/s anal fetish ebook, Elementary, My Dear Kathryn. The thing I love about this baby (and the reason most of my other publishers wouldn't look at it) is that this erotic story features an enema. Yeah, some people think that's hot. I do! And not something you come across all that often in lesbian erotica, most likely because of the restraints many publishers put on our work. It's considered "squicky" by some.

Thank heavens for loveyoudivine Alterotica!

When they were children, Kathryn played the slave to Mistress Melanie. That was thirty years ago. Now Melanie's all grown, and she's got a Domme of her own, Pasha. When Melanie gets an invitation from her elementary school to attend their reunion, she and Pasha meet up with Kathryn for the first time as adults. Beautiful and bi-curious, Kathryn is still eager to submit to Melanie's whims. But Pasha calls all the shots now, and Melanie will do to Kathryn only what pleases her Domme.

Coming Soon to loveyoudivine Alterotica!

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