Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Tangled Roots, Coming Together: Neat edition

Yesterday I redeemed my first Kiva gift card in support of a group of female farmers in Mali, so I figured this would be a good Sunday to showcase Six Sentences from the book that earned me that gift card, Tangled Roots, Coming Together: Neat edition.

If you're not familiar with Coming Together: Neat, here's how it works: we authors basically donate a manuscript, you buy a copy of that book, and at the end of the quarter instead of being paid money, we receive Kiva gift cards. We redeem the cards by loaning those funds to entrepreneurs in third world countries, primarily, many of whom are women who would not otherwise be able to secure even small bank loans for their businesses.

So, pardon the blatant plug, but please to consider purchasing a copy of Tangled Roots, Coming Together: Neat edition. It's an erotic romance between hard-nosed business-woman Simone and her artist neighbour Moses. The focus of this book is on Canadian aboriginal cultural identity and healing. Hope you enjoy my six:

Look, just because my parents didn’t instil in me the pride of the Cree people doesn’t mean they weren’t wonderful human beings. They were. They just didn’t want my brothers and I to go through any of the racist shit my father’s people had to endure. They didn’t want us to end up like…”

“Like me?” Moses asked with pointed clarity.

Simone’s stomach lurched.


  1. I love the idea of donating to the cause. Good for you! I'm going to check into it.

  2. Oopsies!! She's put her foot in it now...

  3. Fascinating premise and I love the title Tangled Roots.

  4. Fantastic six! Thank you.

  5. A sticky subject, but one I know resolves well. What a lovely six and wonderful cause!

    Dawn's Early Light 6SS

  6. Great six and interesting cause.

  7. Great concept with the Kiva cards! Loved your Six! Looks like Simone is getting herself all tangled up in a conversation she probably didn't want to have!