Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everybody Wants Free Shower Sex

I pay attention to search terms. I obsess over web stats. These are the things I devour at 3 in the morning, when sane people are tucked safely into bed. That's how I know there are many, many people who arrive here at Donuts & Desires after searching: Free Shower Sex or free sex in the shower or erotica shower story or even freeshowersex, all one word, like they're so eager to find it they can't even bear to hit the space bar.

Okay, I hear you, et voilĂ ! Free Shower Sex: an excerpt from my story THIRD RAIL, which is available on its own as an ebook and also in my trans erotica anthology MY MISTRESS' THIGHS. For the lovers of erotic showers, here is shower sex!

Excerpt from Third Rail

by Giselle Renarde

"Are you sure you’re okay?”

He turned to look at her, one hand on the glass door. His hard gaze put her in her place.

“No, I’m not okay, I’m horny as hell!” he growled, grasping Kokoro around the waist.

“What?” Kokoro cried as he pulled her under the fall of steamy water and closed the shower door. How could Martin go from a state of collapse to…this? Not that she was complaining…

He spun her around so her face stopped inches from the beach-pebble shower wall, her hands and forearms pressed against the smooth rocks. “I can’t go to work until I’ve fucked the life out of you.”

The wet silk of her chemise clung to her flesh as Martin forced it up and over her ass. It’s amazing how heavy silk can feel once it’s waterlogged. Particularly when it’s heaped on one’s lower back while one stands on tiptoes.

Brief flashes of caring moments flickered before Kokoro’s eyes as she tumbled into ritual submission.

“Are you a cock addict, Kokoro?” Martin grunted.


He was close behind her. His erection, slick with soap and warm water, rested against her ass cheek.

“You want cock?”


“You need it?”

“Hell, yes.”

Teasing her, he brushed his hard cock gently between her cheeks. God, she just wanted to grab that thing and shove it inside her wet cunt, but it wasn’t her place. She would speak when spoken to and do as instructed.

“Whose cock do you need?”

“Your cock.”

Martin chuckled in that very domineering manner of his. “Oh, so I’ve got my own little cock addict, do I?”

Kokoro surged at that term, “cock addict,” so filthy and raw. She had to speak those dirty words, feel them in her mouth. “Yes, I’m your cock addict, yes. I need your cock. I need it.”

His knees were bending; she could see them when she looked down. His knees were bending and his cockhead was sitting at the entrance to her wet cunt.

“Do you love my cock?”

“Yes, I love it.”

In a move of tremendous generosity, he thrust inside her all at once, all in one motion, and Kokoro was propelled forward. Her arms strained as she struggled to keep her face away from the beach-stone wall.

“What do you love?” he asked, plunging deep inside her cunt.

“I love your thick, hard cock,” Kokoro gushed, immediately fearing she’d said too much. A one- word response was all that was required. Two words, perhaps.

“How much do you love it?”

“So much.”

“How much?”

“So much…” She wasn’t sure what kind of answer he was anticipating.

“How much?” he asked again, grasping her slippery hips and fucking her so hard it panged.

“So much I would crawl naked through brambles for just one lick of it.”

That was too many words. He wouldn’t like that response. Kokoro braced herself, squeezed her pussy muscles tight so he wouldn’t go away. The worst, most sadistic thing Martin could do at this moment would be to pull out.

And that’s precisely what he did.

If you want more, buy the book! (I know, I'm a tease.)

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  1. I have to admit, I am fan of most shower sex, and free is always best! :)