Friday, September 9, 2011

"Why should the guys have all the fun?"

Here's a post and a host and contest for you who love lesbian erotica and romance as much as I do. Today we've got Lara Zielinsky introducing a lesbian line at Torquere Press, new this year, called Sapphic Signs. I didn't hear about this line until after the fact, so I don't have a story in it, but I love love love good lesbian romance so I wanted to share the existence of Sapphic Signs with you. Every week I'll be posting the blurb and excerpt from a different story, so stay tuned!

And now, after that "brief" introduction, I'll turn it over to Lara:

Torquere Press runs a number of themed lines annually, and the results are a nice series of stories featuring the gay guys, issuing one per month for the steady enjoyment of readers.
I thought, but why should the guys have all the fun? I had been previously published by Torquere Press in a toybox. I only write F/F so I kept looking through their calls for submissions for more F/F opportunities. The guys had color boxes, birthstones, and themed calls for more toyboxes. The birthstones idea intrigued me, but I thought we grrls should be a bit different: the zodiac.

Sapphic Signs!

In 2010 I approached the editors at Torquere with my idea. They loved it, but I had to get 12 committed authors. There could be no cancellations, no last minute pull outs. So I went to my favorite F/F author hangout, Sapphic Planet, and let them know my crazy idea. And I got the 12 commitments.

Sapphic Signs was born! Since January 2011 Torquere Press has released 8 of the novellas. Each story stands alone themed around one of the zodiac signs.

We've got contemporary love fests and historical romances. There's shapeshifters and space drama, and more. We've got first time writers making wonderful debuts and fan favorites making steamy contributions.
And the grrls are having all the fun!
So if you are into sapphic adventures with lots of romance, check out Sapphic Signs at Torquere Press all this year.

Here's the entire list of titles (signs) and authors, and approximate release dates, so mark your calendars! And shop Torquere Press's Sapphic Signs page today!

Now available!
January - Age of Aquarius (Aquarius) - Sofia Antonia Milone
February - Pisces (Pisces) - Adrianne Brennan
March - Seeking Light in the Shadows (Aries) - Moondancer Drake
April - Stubborn as a Bull (Taurus) - DL King
May - Mirror Image (Gemini) Cheri Crystal
June - The Lady Wants More (Cancer) Adriana Kraft
July - Skylar's Pride (Leo) - Lara Zielinsky
August - Kenna's Virgo (Virgo) Jolene Hui

Coming Soon (look for it around the 21st of the month):
September (Libra) Ann Cory
October (Scorpio) Sarah Ettritch
November (Sagittarius) Jodi Payne
December (Capricorn) Dalia Craig


Two random commentators will earn $2 gift certificates to Torquere's online store. Answer this question in your comment within 24 hours from the time of this post.

What's your sign, and do you think you match up to its typical qualities?

~ Lara Z


  1. I'm an Aquarius Sun and Moon - and I'm not sure if I'm much of an Aquarius. Actually, I very rarely meet other people in my Sun sign, so there's no comparison, but whenever I read descriptions - I'm not so sure they're talking about me!

  2. Hey, I'm Aquarius too! And, come to think of it, I don't know any other Aquarians--except one of my sisters, and she is nothing like me. I do believe I'm more of a "typical" Age of Aquarius type than she is--or at least I was in High School--but all my friends (and lovers, come to think of it) have always been Aries.


  3. I'm a Scorpio. I match some Scorpio qualities, but probably everybody does.

    Good post about the Sapphic Signs line!

  4. Great intro, Lara - definitely time for some girl fun!

  5. Good morning, everyone!

    Selecting two names at random (put 'em on pieces of paper and stuck 'em in a baseball cap, asking my son to pick two)

    The winners of $2 worth of spending money at Torquere's store are:

    *drum roll* (provided by my spouse)

    Giselle Renard and parisianfeline

    Please contact me at laraz (at) so I can get your email addresses and send the credit to you from Torquere's site.

    ~ Lara