Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sapphic Signs: Stubborn as a Bull

I can't believe we've reached the fourth week of Sapphic Signs (yes, the astrologically-based lesbian fiction line at Torquere Press) already! Today I'm pleased to introduce D.L. King's contribution:

Stubborn as a Bull

by D.L. King

Kat tends bar at the local watering hole. A free spirit, she’s fine hooking up with random hot girls from time to time, but not interested in settling down. Her best friend thinks what she really needs is a full-time girlfriend.

Enter Lil, a local restaurateur who’s smitten by Kat and won’t take Kat’s brush-offs for an answer. But the more Lil chases Kat, the more she runs away. Besides, Kat’s got her eye on the adorable butch or maybe the hot stripper. She doesn’t have time for love, right? Good thing Lil’s stubborn, stubborn as a bull.


If I had a type, it was submissive girls; the ones who would take a passive role, sexually. I’d never really thought about it before, but that was the answer. I was attracted to sexually submissive girls. Well, that made sense since I was most comfortable being the aggressor in sex.

And Lil wasn’t part of that genus, even if she was kinda cute. Aha! Sometimes it takes me a while to piece things out in my mind. So what if I have to do a full anlaysis before coming up with a thesis? It’s just the way I operate. I wanted to explain it to Carla, but she was gone and I had to work until nine. That’s always the way, people ask me questions and don’t stick around for the answers.

Of course, all this thinking about the different kinds of girls I found attractive had made me horny. Maybe I didn’t always recognize flirting when it was aimed at me, but I could certainly dish it out to my customers. Who knew, the perfect little cutie might walk into the bar at any moment and I could get lucky. Here’s the thing, though: aggressor in bed; yes, aggressor in life; not so much. I usually waited for the hotties to flirt with me first.

I know, I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but I had the look; the look that said I’d be in charge and wouldn’t be interested in any slacking. So, if they were interested in something like that, they could just step up and say hi, and I’d take it from there. That whole, ‘mystique of the bartender’ thing.

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