Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sapphic Signs: Mirror Image by Cheri Crystal

Okay, I'll admit I've neglected the blog this week. I do apologize. I've been at Sweet's house and when she's off work we have a terrible tendency to spend entire days watching DVDs, eating, and having sex--often all at the same time. (True story!)

Anyhoo, Thursdays I like to showcase the Sapphic Signs lesbian erotic romance collection from Torquere Press, and today we feature...

by Cheri Crystal

Jaylyn Dayley, professional stuntwoman, isn’t afraid of anything. Except commitment. She can tuck and roll, crash and burn, and walk away unscathed, but can she survive the searing heat of her attraction for the lovely Monika Morning during her stint as the actress’ stunt double?


Everything was set by the time we got back and Monika ran through her lines. I was ready, the set was ready, Josh said the word, and despite feeling like an idiot, the wool suit itched all over, even with the silk shirt tucked into the waistband. Further compounding my duress, my feet were crammed into the pointy-toe heels like a pencil as if my toes were being sharpened. It was mortifying enough being dressed this way, but being ripped a new asshole by the director, especially in front of Monika, was worse. I executed the scene and landed hard but unhurt.

“Cut!” Josh cast me a glaring look. “Everyone, go home, except for Dayley. And Monika, please come over here, too.” It irked me whenever he so much as looked at Monika, but his condescending tone along with leering at her like she was his next treat, had my defenses edgy. Only knowing how easily I could be replaced kept me in check.

“What’s the matter, Josh?” Monika asked sweetly while I tore at a hangnail until it bled.

“You’re perfect, my dear, but I’m at my wit’s end with you, Dayley. You need an attitude adjustment. Let Monika show you how to be a lady. And have the beautician pluck your eyebrows while you’re at it.”

Monika took my hand. Josh grimaced before he turned his back and strode away with clenched fists.

“Let’s find somewhere private. And warm.” She dropped my hand and walked away, expecting me to follow, but I was too busy studying her ass. Her walk was so damn sultry and sexy. I could imitate her in a heartbeat, but I really could not stand by and take Josh’s shit without a fight. Let him do fifty takes. I’d nail the walk when I was damn good and ready. Only my horoscope read: “Gemini, don’t worry about the pros and cons of your plans. You’re under the kind of cosmic protection that means you can get away with almost anything. Take note of that little word ‘almost’!” I took note of the little word ‘almost’ but I didn’t have to like it.

“Hey,” she turned. “You coming or what?”

“Yeah, I’m coming.” Don’t I wish, I thought, and let her lead the way.

“Good, because I’m freezing my arse off.”

I was tempted to show her how well I could warm a woman up, but said instead, “Speaking of arses. What bug you suppose crawled up his?”

“Oh, ignore the old chap.”

“How can I manage that?”

“I tune him out.”

“I can try, but I make no promises. Doesn’t it bother you when he salivates like you’re his next tasty treat?”

“Let him look, but God help him if he touches. I have my limits.”

I wondered what that was supposed to mean as far as I was concerned. I didn’t dare touch her unless invited, I fathomed, preferring to err on the side of caution rather than risk offending her, but if she touched me, well, all bets were off.

Besides, I was known for my irresistible Gemini powers of persuasion, charm and limitless enthusiasm.

“This could work,” she said, leading me to a cordoned off empty set, but stopped when the door was locked. “Wait here just a sec.” She came back with Jimbo, who unlocked the door before throwing me a look dripping with envy. Monika walked in first and when she wasn’t looking, his solidarity punch to my arm spoke volumes. At least I had friends in high places—Jimbo had Josh wrapped around his nicotine-stained finger.

Monika removed her coat, a long silky pea coat that had to be the reason she was chilled to the bone. “Jimbo, do you think you could order us some food?”

“Sure. What’ll it be, Miss?”

“Oh, surprise me, but please, anything but curry. We’ve had it six nights in a row.”

He smiled, the unlit cigar bobbing slightly. “How about sushi?”

“Oh brilliant, I’d like that. Do get us lots of warm sake, and I’ll smother you with kisses.”

He was gone in an instant. I didn’t blame him. Amazingly, Monika could kiss Jimbo from here to eternity, but if Josh even brushed against her my skin crawled. The worst was when he worked on blocking movements demonstrating with his big grubby paws all over her.

Monika spun around on her heel. “You do like sushi, don’t you?”

“I love it, but warm sake on an empty stomach could make me frisky.”

“I’m not worried. Now come on. What is this about your stubborn swagger?”

“What does Josh have against me anyhow?”

“He’s a perfectionist who doesn’t like to leave any scene unfinished. You seem to go off on too many tangents.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but she was so smart and I just love an intelligent woman, so I clamped my mouth shut and listened.

“I adore your vitality and have no idea why Josh wants to squash it. He should bottle it up instead and use it to his advantage. Besides, I find your zest for life attractive—just like you.”

As if I wasn’t already burning to a crisp, my cheeks heated up from the compliment.

“I can’t get over how much we look alike, especially when you’re so fair.”

I squared my shoulders, as if deeply wounded.

She laughed. “Oh, all right, poor choice of words, how about light-skinned?”

“You can go for something tougher sounding than that, Monika,” I teased.

“I don’t know, your skin is just so pink compared to mine.” Her gaze shot me like a ray gun, burning my flesh wherever it struck. “And you get bright red when you blush. A lovely shade of red that spreads from your face to your neck, to your…” She looked down at my breasts and I thought I’d surely die.

You can get Mirror Image from Torquere Press!


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