Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Red Satin Christmas, Trans Lesbian Romance!

I chose the following six sentences for two reasons: a) It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and this little except involves turkey, and b) It's from Red Satin Christmas, the third book in my transgender lesbian romance series RED SATIN, which hits the market on Friday (October 14th).

Six Sentences from Red Satin Christmas:

Linda followed Regan's father and a monstrous golden turkey into the dining room, saying, “Just set that at the head of the table. I’m the designated carver around here.”

That made Regan smile. Shouldn’t be a man’s domain, slicing up the bird. Women get stabby, too. Good practice.

If, by chance, you'd like to prepare for the third Red Satin story by reading the first two, you can get a copy of Red Satin (1) here and The Night Before Red Satin Christmas (2) here!


  1. Nice six! I love the "women get stabby" line!

  2. ROFL! That last paragraph is made of awesome. Women do, indeed, get stabby. :D

  3. LOL good practice. Congrats on your upcoming release!