Monday, April 30, 2012

In the Month of Meh

Today is April 30th and here in Canada that means taxes are due... like... now.  I spent most of yesterday working on mine, all the while feeling like Homer Simpson in that episode where he gets audited.  Remember that one?  No?

I can't believe I managed to find it online, but here's what I'm talking about (N.B. I used to be like Ned Flanders):

Taxes aside, I'm ready for the coming of May.

For me, April's been the month of "meh"--especially when it comes to reviews.  In my years of writing, I've had my share of 1-star reader reviews, and I've had my share of 5-star reviews, but this April has been the month of three.  Or, on a scale of poor, fair, ok, good, excellent my work has garnered an "ok." Meh.  Everywhere I look, I see "meh."

Even books like "Friends of Dorothy" (my cross-dressing cowboy MMF menage) which has garnered nothing but 5 stars in the year or two it's been on the market seems to have been slapped with a three.  More "meh."  Not that readers can't rate my books however they please, it just seems like a trend this month.

Maybe I should just shut my gob and count my blessings--my threes could be ones.  My mehs could be baaaaads.  (Although, when it comes to other authors' books, I find I only read 1-star reviews.  Does anybody else do that?  I never read the 5-stars.  Am I the only one?)

Work aside, May Day happens to be the four-year anniversary of my first date with my Sweet.  Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'll let you know how we're planning to celebrate--and it involves YOU.  In fact, we can't do it without you.

So be here tomorrow, same bat wings, same leopard leggings... or... how does that go? *smirk*


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