Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's the Deal with Medical Fetishes?

...I mean airplane peanuts.  No, I mean medical fetishes.  (I've been watching a lot of Seinfeld reruns lately...)

This has been a super-crappy week for me, health-wise.  Usually I can talk myself out of getting sick (mind over matter, dudes) but this time things were getting a little extreme.  It was more pain than I could handle, and the illness was overtaking me.

So I visited my doctor.

Friends, my doctor is GORGEOUS.  Seriously.  I wish you could see her, because she is just so luscious and pretty and lust-worthy.  Every time she steps into the waiting room and calls my name, my heart goes kathump-kathump and I giggle a bit.  And she makes me laugh!  

She's beautiful, intelligent, and funny--no wonder my mother always teases that I'm going to run away with my doctor.

But, hey, when a stunning young woman is always begging you to take your pants off so she can get all up inside you (for that annual pelvic exam you're always putting off), your mind starts to wander.  Okay, I'll stop putting this all on "you" and admit MY mind started to wander.

Medical erotica has existed at the periphery of my awareness right from the start of my career, when I was an author with the now-defunct Dark Eden Press.  We hosted an author chat/meet and greet sort of thing for readers, and were scolded by a "big New York agent" when some authors started talking about how hot their doctors were, and making jokes about pelvic exams.

Hmmm... I hope no self-proclaimed "big New York agents" are reading this post, or I might get in trouble.

Anyway, that was the beginning of my awareness that medical fetish existed within the erotic canon, but in fact I've never thought much about it.  I know Bryn Colvin of loveyoudivine writes it, but I've never read any. Hmmm... maybe I should.  After seeing my beautiful doctor today, I think I can relate.  Hell, maybe I'll even try my hand at writing some one day.

But I want to hear from YOU, readers.  What's it all about?  What appeals to you about medical fetish erotica?  This is your chance to tell all!


Giselle Renarde 

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  1. Fun post! I am totally into medical fetish erotica and read it whenever I can find it. I come at it from a pretty kinky perspective, but what I like most is that it's a great frame story for a very kind person to do things to you that hurt a lot. Medical fetish is an excellent way to get into hurt/comfort SM, which really works for me. Aside from that a doctor is an authority figure, which is always hot (bosses, teachers, etc, are all common subjects in erotica). And, finally, doctors have tons of great gadgets. I am turned on by all those strange metal thingies. Hope this helps!