Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life is Magic

Has this ever happened to you? (I don't mean the sweet girl kiss in the image above, though I did want to mention I found that card at http://katybird.com/katybird-cards. So adorable, right?)

I mean this: You need to buy a gift for someone you love. You have a history of giving great, thoughtful, often quite expensive gifts, but this year the money's just not there, and the creative juices aren't flowing either. You go shopping and browse around, picking up this and that, but you know nothing's quite right. Nothing's perfect, not even close, and you can already hear her voice when she opens it: that high-pitched, put-on, "Ohhhh... thank you..."

Sound familiar? I can't be the only person on the planet this happens to. :-)

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up. Had you guessed? I'm usually a really awesome gift-giver, but part of the problem is that as soon as I spot something she wants or needs, I buy it and give it to her. I give her presents all year round, and I've been spending quite a lot of money recently. Too much money, in fact. Right now, my bank account can't handle extravagance.

I went shopping this weeking and picked up a few small gifts, but nothing impressive and nothing Sweet's going to be particularly excited about. After spending far too long in the shops, I walked home, weaving through the residential streets between there and here. I felt defeated. I wished I could have found something my girl would love, even though she said not long ago, "I don't need presents--all I need is YOU."

Early evening and the air was still sweet with the smell of spring. I was coming up on my building, maybe 5 minutes from home, when I saw it. IT. The perfect gift. The thing my girlfriend's been looking for everywhere and not finding anywhere.

I won't tell you what IT is, on the off-chance Sweet stops by the blog. She doesn't come here often, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, the WHAT isn't the important bit. This was an incredible, serendipidous find. After shopping all day, watching my pennies and finding nothing to write home about, I spotted the perfect gift sitting on my neighbour's lawn with a sign on it that said FREE.

Life is magic. This is the proof. When you need something, it'll come. It'll be right there on your neighbour's lawn, and it won't cost you a dime.


Also, if you want something free from me, pick up a copy of "6 Erotic Shorts by Giselle Renarde"--available for $0 from many retailers, including 1PRF and ARe.

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