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Lesbian Erotica 6: Fem Dom / Spanking / Sex Al Fresco / Voyeurism

I'm in here.
I think I've neglected to mention here on the blog that I've recently contributed to a whole bunch of mini-anthologies edited by Barbara Cardy.  I know they're available from Amazon (not sure where else) and I also know that at the moment they're only $0.99!

Most of these pretty little books feature 3 or 4 short stories by such notable authors as Sommer Marsden, M. Christian, Kay Jaybee, and... ummm... me (do I deserve to be on this list?) so we're talking about reliable erotica writers, here.

I'm hoping the low price tag doesn't scare readers off these collections.  More and more, I think readers are equating $0.99 with "crappy writing" so hopefully people will take a look at who's on the roster for these books and buy them up.  Who knows?

Anyway, because I've neglected to feature these Erotica works published by Robinson (The "Mammoth Book of..." people) here at D&D, I'm starting now, and I'm starting with a little ebook called "Lesbian Erotica 6."

I picked this one to feature because it contains my story "First Night on a Waterbed," which is a Wanda & Janelle story.  Remember them from my Torquere Christmas Sip "Full to Bursting"?  Yup, same pair.  This story is about the first night they spend together in Wanda's big annoying waterbed.

Seriously, have you ever slept on a waterbed?  I hate them with a passion.  Thank god the 80's are over.

Lesbian Erotica 6 contains:

SHY GIRL by Kannan FengTanya's a shy girl, but her girlfriend Valentine knows exactly what shy girls need. When Valentine wants to hear a very special word out of Tanya's mouth, she's willing to use some very unfair (and painful!) tactics to get her way.

THE CHASE by Chris WestlakeJennifer is on holiday in France with her friends when she spots a French girl she desperately wants to say 'Oui' to. She follows the girl into the woods, and it is quickly apparent that the girl is not going on a picnic (unless 'eaten out' got lost in translation). Jennifer ends up on all fours on a wooden boat in the middle of a river (and no, she has not dropped a penny).

FIRST NIGHT ON A WATERBED by Giselle RenardeJanelle has never spent a night on Wanda's waterbed. She's not convinced there's anything to like about a mattress full of liquid until Wanda shows her the joys of sex on the sloshing waves. But how will Wanda react when Janelle blurts, 'I love you' for the first time?

HEN DAY by Eva HoreOrganizing a Hen's day for her sister gives this sister more on the day than she bargained for. Who would have thought a Hen's Day could turn into a passionate affair for more than two of the guests.

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