Saturday, July 14, 2012

Call for VAGINAS

I came across this project via @jizlee on Twitter and it's given me a reason to pick up a paintbrush after maybe 2 years of paintbrush silence.  "The Vagina Project" is a call for artistic renderings of vaginas with a message.

This is coming at you from JRow Art:

I am seeking submissions from artists and non-artists (but isn’t everyone an artist?) to post on this website to create a gallery of vagina art with a message. What does your vagina have to say??! I’m sure there’s tons. The world should know!
Deadline: August 15th, 2012
Cost: FREE
What: painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing,  music, video/new media, fabric art, finger painted art, doodle art — any kind of art that you can think of. Try not to get too self-conscious about your work if you are not used to making art. This isn’t a competition :)
Submissions:Email me your submissions at Please include:
1. Quality photo of your image
2. Please be clear about the message and type the caption of the image into the body of the email (re: the theme – What does your vagina have to say?). If there is no caption, please provide a clear and brief statement about the piece.
3. Your name or pseudonym
4. Year the piece was created
5. Medium (for mixed media, please be as detailed as possible)
6. Anything you would like the world to know about you and your piece, including email, website, location, etc.
Please share widely! The more submissions the merrier.

For more informations, go here:

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