Thursday, July 5, 2012

UK Trans Youth Film Project Seeking Participants

Saw this neat project posted on Original Plumbing's site:

Trans Youth Film Project - This summer - All UK travel paid

Are you a young trans, gender queer person or questioning your gender identity?

Ever wanted to make a film in 3D?

Gendered Intelligence wants to raise the profile of the work that we do by creating a short film that can be platformed across a host of social networks. We want tooutline some of the issues that young trans people facetell the story of GI and the work that we’ve been doing, and add some humour in there too!

GI is collaborating with BoldFace productions to come together to make a film that is to be created by a group of young trans people. We are looking for 10 young trans people from across the UK (travel bursaries provided) to see the film through from a simple idea on a storyboard to finished piece.  The workshops will allow every participant to have a hands-on experience with filmmaking equipment. Throughout the production process young people will be able to inter-change their roles, ensuring that they get a fully-rounded experience as a crew-member.

BoldFace will facilitate the shoot but each participant will take responsibility for their individual role (sound, light, camera, director, health and safety, acting, script). Crew roles will rotate throughout the shoot. The production will be a fun, interactive process that encourages creativity, problem-solving and meeting deadlines. At the end of every session the group will meet for a review / debrief so that they can recognise their achievements and evaluate their work.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, get in touch with us at
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