Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promo Op for Authors from D Renee Bagby

This is coming at 'ya from a yahoo group, so hopefully the link works and all that:

It's that time of month again. My newsletter goes out on the 15th of the
month and I would love to include info from other authors, whether it be
new release(s) info or contest info.

FAQ for Contests:
- Contest has to have an end date AFTER 15 July
- Contest has to be for READERS
- Contest has to have a link to an info page
- Deadline 13 July

FAQ for New Releases
- One more time JULY ONLY
- Title needs to have a cover AND a buy link/pre-order link
- Deadline 13 July

To make life easier for everyone, I created two forms -- one for contests
and one for new releases -- for authors to fill out. Do not email me the
http://dreneebagby. blogspot. com/p/newsletter -promo-for- authors.html

While the forms never close, anything submitted after the 13th for July
will not be included. Any title that is not a July release will not be
included. If you want to see how your info will be presented, join my
Monthly Newsletter before the 15th. The form for my newsletter is on my
blog where the above link will direct you.

*Permission to forward granted*

D. ReneƩ Bagby
Building New Realms of Passion...
http://about. me/dreneebagby

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