Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big News: Friday Night Lipstick Large Print Edition is now available!

Who the hell is gonna buy a love story about elderly transsexuals?

A lot of people, as it turns out.  My erotic romance Friday Night Lipstick is quite a short book, clocking in at only 13,000 words or so, but it's one of the most heartfelt, sweet and satisfying love stories I've ever written. The characters are drawn from my life. They're older women, they're transgender, and they're very real to me.

I never expected this novella to take off, but in March it was my top-selling print book. Say what?  And in April? Same thing! Say whaaat?

For months, I've been wanting to make some of my books available in Large Print. My grandmother's been reading Large Print for years as her vision declined, and even now that she's legally blind she still reads them by holding the books very close to her face.  She has assistive devices and she could start up with ebooks or audiobooks, but she doesn't want to.She likes to hold a book in her hands, even if she has to get right in close to see the words.

I've come up against a lot of barriers in trying to get audiobooks produced (it's weirdly difficult for Canadians, sadly) but I can get Large Print books to market.

Friday Night Lipstick: Large Print Edition is now available.  If there's a book of mine that you'd particularly like to see in Large Print, please do let me know!

Friday Night Lipstick
by Giselle Renarde

When Layla and Bernice first met, they'd never heard the word "transgender." Back then, they thought of themselves as cross-dressers and frequented gay clubs together.

Twenty years later, Layla is a glamorous and successful real estate agent living as a woman full-time. Repressed Bernice is still married to a woman who won't let go of the husband Bernice used to be. She spends her lonely nights dreaming of a life with lovely Layla.

While Bernice is trapped in a hopeless relationship, Layla seems perfectly content hopping from bed to bed. On Friday night, when their facades break down, will these long-time friends finally admit their love for one another?

And even if they do, how will married Bernice and swinging single Layla build a future together?

This transgender love story contains explicit erotic language. Large Print Edition.

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