Friday, April 4, 2014

Not sure if I'm supposed to know about this... so shhh!

Hi.  Come here.  Come close.  Why am I whispering?  Because I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know that my novel Bali Nights, published my the inimitable Xcite Books, appears to be available at Amazon.  Here:

I had a hell of a time finding Bali Nights, so I'm assuming it's been "adult filtered" (meaning it doesn't show up in general searches).  But, here's the link:  Only you and I know about it.  And, considering it's the longest book I've ever written (like 65,000 words or something), $2.99 for the ebook is a ridiculously low price.

Anyway, keep it under your hat.  Shhh!

Erotic romance by Giselle Renarde explores lust and sexual fantasies on the sandy shores of Bali...

Do Beach Boys really exist? They’re said to be hot young surfers who sell their bodies on the sandy shores of Bali—and not to other men, oh no. Beach Boys specialize in seducing women.

According to Kimmy, Beach Boys are not only real, but they’re Bali’s top tourist attraction. And she should know, considering she hired one last time she vacationed there. How she convinced co-worker Shandra to fly halfway around the world just to pay a guy for sex, Shandra will never know… until their first day in Bali, when she falls for Man: tall, dark, handsome, and on the make.

There’s something different about Man—he’s nothing like the guys back home. Shandra can tell him things she’s never shared with anyone, shed her inhibitions, and abandon herself to the best sex of her life. Now she understands why Kimmy was so anxious to return to her Beach Boy, Budi.

With Man’s encouragement, Shandra surrenders to a lust for men (and women) she’s long denied. But there’s more to a Beach Boy than meets the eye. Are Budi and Man really as trustworthy as Shandra and Kimmy think, or will their secrets shatter the girls forever?

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