Thursday, January 13, 2022

Adam and Sheree's Taboo Trilogy

This trilogy about Adam gettin' it on with his sister Sheree is possibly the filthiest smut I've ever written. It's certainly the filthiest trilogy I've ever written, and possibly the only trilogy I've ever written. I'll have to look into that.

Start at the beginning with Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation, then move on to Adam and Sheree's Family Business. After that, it's all aboard for Adam and Sheree's Family Christmas. Each book is dirtier than the one before it!

Distribution of this title is very limited, but you can also find the "stepbrother" version of this series at Amazon and perhaps elsewhere. 

As for the OG version, here's a link to the series page at Smashwords. Check it out:
Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation
Giselle Renarde
Series: Adam and Sheree's Taboo Trilogy
Book: 1
Word Count: 33,000

Adam and Sheree are stuck at Gramma’s remote cottage all summer. No internet access, no cell reception. It’s just the two of them, brother and sister, taking care of gran.

When Sheree asks Adam to take sexy snapshots on the beach, he tries not to notice her incredible body… but when she takes off her bikini top, what’s he supposed to do? By the time she strips off her bottoms, Adam's lost all traces of self-control.

Once brother and sister start scratching their taboo itch, they can’t stop. Adam is convinced remorse will eat him alive when Sheree’s boyfriend and Adam’s girlfriend arrive for a surprise visit. Life is about to get really good, or very, very bad. Either way, Adam and Sheree will never be just brother and sister again.

WARNING: This book is packed with taboo encounters, enthusiastic BJs, panty gags, anal lovin', girl-on-girl action, and nasty threesomes.

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Adam and Sheree's Family Business

Giselle Renarde
Series: Adam and Sheree's Taboo Trilogy
Book: 2
Word Count: 35,000

After a summer of forbidden love, Sheree crashes at the townhouse her brother Adam shares with his roommates. With no spare rooms, she takes the couch, promising it’s only until she finds a job and a place of her own.

But Sheree doesn’t seem all that interested in working. She lounges around all day, tempting and taunting her brother while she annoys Adam’s rent-paying roommates. Adam tries his damnedest to keep his hands off his sister, but he just can’t help himself. He’ll succumb to temptation, but not in the house. Adam won’t risk his friends finding out about their taboo relationship.

When Sheree starts a sordid family porn business behind his back, Adam can’t believe how she’s taken advantage of him. Will he kick his sister to the curb or choose to be used in every way possible?

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Adam and Sheree's Family Christmas
Giselle Renarde
Series: Adam and Sheree's Taboo Trilogy
Book: 3
Word Count: 33,600

When Adam and Sheree head home for the holidays, it goes without saying that this brother and sister pair won’t be telling their parents they’ve been at it like bunnies.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep his hands off Sheree for an entire week, Adam stumbles upon his sister’s old diary. He knows it’s private, but he can’t resist fingering the pages. The contents shock Adam right to the core. Could Sheree really have seduced their uncle while he and their aunt were on the outs?

Adam can’t help feeling betrayed. He thought he was his sister’s first target of forbidden love. And Uncle Brian’s not the only family member who’s been in his sister’s bed…

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