Sunday, January 9, 2022

Nanny State #Lesbian #Kink

 As I've mentioned a few times in the past week, I'm re-releasing erotica titles formerly published by Excessica Publishing. My most popular title among them is this nasty little book, which turns ten this year.

If you're curious about lesbian age play, abdl, spankings and  more, Nanny State is the book for you. Read it today!

When Summer moves in with a mature landlady, she expects to be treated like an adult. Fat chance! Victoria exerts control over every aspect of her life, protectively demanding Summer come straight home after university classes.

Everything changes the day Victoria catches Summer watching some very kinky lesbian content. The landlady soon becomes Nanny, coaxing Summer into the big bed for play time.

What happens when Summer wants to include a girl her own age in their relationship? Will Nanny punish her wayward charge or accept another girl into their uncommon household?

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