Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank You, Natalie Portman, for Selling My Book

Okay, now I get why I've been having sex dreams about Mila Kunis for the past year. It must have been in the ether...

A couple years ago, I wrote a book called Ondine. It's about a ballerina. Actually, it focuses on a pair of ballerinas. Lesbian ballerinas. Yes, oh yes, oh yes. Because what could be hotter than lesbian ballerinas?


That seems to be the conclusion the masses have reached around the film Black Swan. Unfortunately, I haven't actually seen this movie (I saw The King's Speech instead--I seriously need to get my ass into gear!) but judging by the steady increase in sales of my book
Ondine since Black Swan came out, I can only assume I have Natalie Portman to thank. And Mila Kunis. (I should thank her for the sex dreams, too, while I'm at it. They're seriously hot.)

So, my sincere thank you to everyone who's elevated ballet as an erotic art form in the public sphere. Thank you for selling my book! I love you all!
Ondine is available as an e-book and in print. Check it out!

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