Thursday, March 3, 2011

Call for Submissions: In Love With Lust

Authors, you wonderful, lovely, generous, giving people, you!

I hope you will all join me in submitting a little somethin' somethin' to a set of anthologies that will raise funds for Fredericton PRIDE. The fabulous editor, Madeline Elayne, tells me Fredericton, New Brunswick (consult google maps for details LOL) has the 2nd largest per capita LGBTQ population in North America, and yet their Pride festivities receive no municipal funding.

Living in a city with extravagant Pride celebrations, where our FORMER mayor always rode the parade floats, I guess I just take all that for granted. (Though, Toronto's racist turd of a current mayor scares the shit out of me, and has been quoted as saying things like...women get AIDS from sleeping with bisexual men...?...but Toronto politics is another blog post entirely!)

On to the Call for Submissions!

Are you LGBTQ, or do you consider yourself an ally? Do you have the occasional moment of dirty-mindedness? Then Fredericton Pride 2011 needs you!

Fredericton (NB, Canada) native erotica author Madeline Elayne is looking for submissions for two queer erotic/erotic romance anthologies, the proceeds of which will go toward funding the best Pride celebration yet in Fredericton in 2011.

Just Love (and Lust) will be a compilation of two sinfully sexy books:

-In Love With Lust, a collection of queer erotic and erotic romance short stories by writers from Fredericton and around the world.

-In Lust With Love, a showcase of local Fredericton and Atlantic Canadian queer erotic poetry. Fredericton is well-known for its poets, find out why here!

This call for submissions is open to established and new writers alike. If you've always wanted to try your hand at sexy writing, then this is a perfect opportunity! Please note that since all profits from this collection go toward Fredericton Pride, this is not a paying call for submissions.

Intrigued? Check out the nitty gritty details below:

Erotic Poetry:

-All poems must have both erotic and LGBTQ content. Currently accepting single poems (up to 4 pages single spaced) and small collections. Authors selected for the anthology will also be asked to provide a short bio. Pseudonymous submissions accepted, but please include your real name in the submission for legal purposes.

Erotic/ Erotic Romance Short Stories:

What we want:

- Smart, sex-positive, LGBT-themed erotica and erotic romance short stories between 1000-9000 words, with a preference for stories between 2500 and 5000 words.

- Works by authors who are 18 years and older, which follow our “Just Love” theme. We want stories that feature love or the potential for love, with a happy-ever-after (or happy for now) ending.

-Clean, polished, literary works (not rough/first drafts) with an erotic focus. Following the norms of the genre, please avoid heavy euphemisms when describing sex. It's a cock, not a “manly spear of lust.”

-Electronic submissions only, double-spaced, 12-pt. times new roman font, in .doc (NOT .docx) or .rtf format.

-Previously published works considered, provided you have the rights to allow our publication in ebook and POD formats. We ask only for non-exclusive anthology rights.

What we don't want:

-Anything with a negative attitude toward sex (including eroticizing rape or non-consent)

-Any depiction of sex acts involving participants under the age of 18.

-Horror, gore, bestiality, or other squick factors. (please note that tastefully-depicted consensual BDSM is just fine)

-non-erotic, or exclusively heterosexual erotic works. These could be wonderful stories, but they don't fit our theme, thank you.

Please send all queries and submissions to Submission Deadline for both collections is May 1st, 2011, for publication in early summer. Multiple submissions accepted.

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