Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's the Answer to the Question "How Do I Vote in LRC's Best of 2011 Contest?"

This came through my email (from Dawn Roberto, owner of Love Romances Cafe), and I thought we all might be interested:

LRC's `Best of 2011' Voting Information

Any questions email Dawn at with "Voting Questions" in subject line please.


The voting will take place on my blog, Dawn's Reading Nook, starting January 16th, 2012 beginning at 8 am est (USA Time). No Early voting will be allowed. Anyone caught trying to vote before 8 am est will have their vote deleted and not counted.

Link to my blog is:

I will list the complete links to the all the nominee categories on the 16th of January.

Voting will take place from January 16th to 24th, 2012. Announcement of winners will be on January 26th, 2012 at 10 am-noon est (USA Time) on the LR Café Loop. All winners are final.

ONE VOTE PER PERSON. No multiple comments under different names, etc. Granted I can't keep tabs on all the names but I can make it harder for you not to cheat.

Comment moderation is put `on' for the blog at this time. Do not worry if you do not see your comment right away. I will see it and it will be counted in the voting. There will be no anonymous comments allowed.

DO NOT bother to count comments in each category. The staff at LR&M Reviews will be doing their voting privately and just because so & so is in the lead DOES NOT mean they won. All Winners are final when I say so, not any Tom, Dick or Harry on the web.

Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, caught announcing they won before I formally announce the winners are automatically disqualified. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Until I tally all the votes, no one has won until I formally announce it. So put a muzzle on it people.

Winners and runner up winners will get cute buttons like the nominee button. Honorable mentions do not get a button.

Good luck nominees.

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