Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Release: Bobbing for Peaches, A New Lesbian Collection

Actually, Bobbing for Peaches was released in December, but I didn't get a chance to blog about. Or did I? Crap... now I'm second-guessing myself. Okay, I have absolutely no recollection of what I did last year. Sorry if this is a repeat. I don't think it is.

Anyhoo, Xcite ebooks has put out this new mini-antho of lesbian erotica. Anyone who loved the eternally popular Lesbian Love will love this baby too. And it's named after my food fetish story, so I'm all blushes over here.

Bobbing for Peaches contains:

A collection of six erotic lesbian stories

Bobbing for Peaches by Giselle Renarde

Melanie’s been busy in the kitchen, and when Jocelyn gets home from work she’s in the mood to play with her food. Melanie’s prepared a warm concoction of milk and peaches with a dash of cinnamon and a hint of Jocelyn’s pricey Tahitian vanilla. It’s time to get naked and get messy!

First Love, Great Love by Olivia London

Is there anything more intoxicating than that first sweet kiss from a special lady love? Claire and her lover thrive in Atlanta’s gay scene until a trip to San Francisco broadens their horizons. From the moment Claire mounts her new girlfriend’s motorcycle, she finds she’s in for the ride of her life.

Time for a Change by Jacey Kavenagh

A disappointing sex life seemed to indicate that a change of image was in order if I were ever to attract the right sort of partner to fulfil my needs. Looking for inspiration in an upmarket dress shop I found myself watching a very attractive shop assistant. I was willing to bet that, unlike me, she wouldn’t put up with guys who had absolutely no idea how to turn a woman on. She seemed vaguely familiar, and I found myself recalling exciting memories of an experience from my youthful past – waking in me a desire I had thought long forgotten.

Making Sweet Music by Courtney James

Joanne wants to eat her lunch in peace, but the buskers make that impossible – until the day she hears the girl with the sweet voice who writes her own songs. Overcoming her resistance to asking a complete stranger out on a date, Joanne is about to discover that Kayleigh’s talents extend to the bedroom too.

The Joy of Seduction by Penelope Friday

Young debutante Charlotte is flattered when older lady Miss Abbott – Lucia – takes a friendly interest in her. But she knows that the feelings she has for Lucia in return are wrong. Nevertheless, she can’t stop dreaming of her. But what would Lucia say if she knew how Charlotte felt about her?

Excerpt: (from my story!)

‘You are so smooth,’ Melly gushed, licking a path up Jocelyn’s leg. She didn’t stop at the dark hair dripping with milk. No, no, no – she traced her soft tongue up Jocelyn’s stomach. Jocelyn’s belly leapt in response. A warm mouth settled on her nipple, sucking vanilla-rich milk from her skin.

Oh, that sensation … Jocelyn was lost in Tahitian vanilla heaven. A warm mouth against her tender pink nipple, suckling in wet, straining pulses? It was beyond heaven. Her pussy responded big time, clenching for something, anything to hold on to.

‘Oh Melly, baby, that feels amazing.’

Jocelyn sent a loving hand through Melly’s hair, releasing it from its tie. Her golden locks seemed to fly as she shook her head side to side. She sucked one tit, and then licked between Jocelyn’s breasts before sucking the other. Even as the milk dripped from her skin, Jocelyn felt wetter and wetter. Each time Melanie’s luscious lips met Jocelyn’s breasts, a surge like lightning coursed straight to her cunt.

‘Finger me, Melly.’ Jocelyn gazed down as Melanie looked up, an expression of sheer supplication glinting in her eyes. ‘You’re getting me so wet, baby. Finger-fuck me, OK?’

‘OK.’ Melanie traced her fingernails through Jocelyn’s sopping pubic hair, zeroing her thumb in on her lover’s erect clit.

Jocelyn jumped when Melanie touched it. God, her clit was sensitive. It hadn’t been touched, not by Jocelyn, not by Melanie, not by anyone, in a couple weeks at least.

‘Oh God,’ Jocelyn said in a pant. ‘God, Melly, that feels good.’

Melanie traced firm circles around it with the pad of her thumb. Her skin was incredibly soft from the milk and the peaches, and suddenly Jocelyn craved the taste of it. With Melanie crouched in front, her pink lips hovering over Jocelyn’s waiting nipple, the position didn’t work for reciprocity. Jocelyn would just have to wait.

‘You want my fingers in your pussy?’ Melanie asked, a divine little tease.

‘God, yes.’

Without removing her thumb from Jocelyn’s engorged clit, Melanie pressed two fingers into the welcoming warmth of Jocelyn’s pussy. When was the last time she’d been this wet? Maybe never. She could have sworn pussy juice was streaming down her thighs, but it could have been milk. Hard to say.

‘Oh, that feels incredible, Melly.’ Jocelyn’s knees buckled with the intense pleasure of being filled, being slowly fucked by two languid fingers. ‘Give me another one, baby.’

Melanie gurgled with delight, pressing a third finger inside Jocelyn’s pussy. ‘It’s so hot in here. And wet. Like your body’s on fire and it’s trying to put itself out.’

That thought had never occurred to Jocelyn before, and it made her laugh. Melanie’s mind worked differently than most people’s – always entertaining. The giggles subsided, though, when Melanie picked up her pace, reaming Jocelyn with that thick bundle of fingers.

The wet squelching sound those fingers made as they raced in and out of Jocelyn’s pussy resonated in the shower stall with a hollow echo.

‘I love your pussy,’ Melly said, her breath hot on Jocelyn’s nipple.

You can get this book from Xcite's website, from Amazon, All Romance... the list goes on.


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