Friday, January 20, 2012

Gather 'Round the Projector. It's Time for Travel Slides!

Not quite, but almost.

As I may or may not have mentioned, Sweet and I enjoyed a romantic little getaway to Niagara Falls last week. I've always thought of NF as touristy and tacky, but Sweet thinks it's romance up the wazoo, so I figured I'd go with an open mind this time and you know what? I caught the fever. I guess no matter where you are, the romance is there if that's what you want to see.

So I bought my girl a dozen red roses, booked us a jacuzzi room, and treated her to a just-because mini-vacation. And now YOU have to look at pictures. Mwahahaha! My evil plan is complete.

First off, I took Sweet to Niagara Parks' Floral Showhouse. I love that place. It's free, it's open every day except Christmas, and for an avid photographer like my girlfriend, it's an opportunity to get shots of brightly-coloured things. January in Canada tends not to be overly colourful, at least not outside. Oh, and there are birds in there:

When in Niagara Falls with your sweetie, it's really worth getting a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub big enough for two. I bought us a romance package at the Hilton Fallsview, and I gotta hand it to Hilton staff--they didn't seem even momentarily fazed about two women checking in with a romance package.

As you can see below, our room looked out on the Fallsview casino and both sets of falls. You can kind of see the America falls in the casino pic but the Horseshoe falls are out of shot. Sometimes all you can see of them are mist anyway.

Maybe you've heard of the lights by the falls? Well, most of them are Disney characters and I don't really feel like being sued so I won't post them. But here are some mounties and the coolest fountain I've ever seen (with a ferris wheel in the background):

The 9 o'clock fireworks over the falls were really something special--totally worth freezing your buns off after dark to hug your sweetie and watch (even if your sweetie is watching through a camera lens LOL):

Okay, I'll stop boring you now. Anyway, those are some highlights of our Niagara getaway.

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  1. I should mention this is Niagara Falls Ontario. I always forget there's one in New York too, even though it's right across the water (you can see it in the casino pic).