Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Justine Elyot Guest Post: Anything But Vanilla

Guess who's here? It's Justine Elyot, with a guest post called 'Anything But Vanilla.' I'm handing it over. Here I go. Here she is:

Vanilla was just a flavour of ice-cream when I first took an interest in BDSM. And
BDSM wasn't called BDSM then, either. It was the sexier, but more misleading,
S&M. How it delighted me that this was an inversion of my mother's favourite shop,
M&S. In a way, it still does. (Though her favourite shop is John Lewis now – not
much perversion potential there.)

But S&M wasn't right – I'm not and never will be a masochist. I don't find pain
sexually arousing. But I do like BDSM. From my late teens onward I got my hands on
a variety of kinky classics and devoured them like ripe melons in the desert, though I
made sure nobody else saw me at the feast. From The Story of O to its more modern
counterpart, Carrie's Story, I lapped it up.

But then the internet happened, and I started to wonder if I really liked BDSM as
much as I thought. I found a site with stories on, but they were, in the main, far more
extreme than anything I fantasised about. I wasn't interested in being suffocated with
polythene, for instance, or undergoing extreme torture. I read a number of things that
disturbed me at the time, though I'd never question the writers' right to publish them.
All the same, I retreated a bit and looked for tamer pastures.

Then it struck me. I could just write my own stuff, to cater to my own tastes. Maybe
too mild for some, too extreme for others – as with pretty much everything, kink has
a spectrum. You are where you are on it and it's nothing to feel inadequate about.
Unless you get off on feeling inadequate, of course, in which case – go for your life.

My quandary with finding good BDSM reading material is mirrored by the dilemma
of my heroine, Cherry, in Meeting Her Match. But she isn't looking for a dirty book –
she's looking for a dom. Of course, just like the stories, doms come in varying degrees
of strength. Some of the dynamics she experiments with are not to her taste, some of
them decidedly are. But she gives it a go, and she learns in the process.

Here's an excerpt:

In the hotel room, we dressed again, this time surrounded by luxury and history
instead of cheap felt carpeting and plasterboard walls. Justin had bought a new
martinet at Shepherds Bush Market and was swishing it to and fro while Maz rubbed
gold-flecked lotion all over my bare flesh, which took some time.

"So you're feeling brave?" Maz asked gently, reaching deep down into my cleavage
and working the ointment in. "You want to go through with what we talked about?"

"I think so. Dressed like this makes me want to even more. Funny how just changing
clothes can get you into a mindset."

"It's good, isn't it?" Justin grinned, wrapping the leather fronds of the whip around
one of the bedposts with a flick of the wrist. "How something as simple as showing a
lot of skin can make a person feel submissive. And when you add collars and cuffs to

"It's a bit like magic," I agreed. "Before a word's been said, I want to kiss somebody's

"Kiss mine if you like," offered Maz, giggling.

They were cute feet, toes wriggling in gladiator sandals, but I decided to pass for the

"Maybe later. You look great too, by the way."

In her abbreviated silk toga and richly-jewelled cloak, she looked imperious and
impish at the same time. I supposed that was the trick of switching. The opulent
cloths were mistressy enough, but the teeny toga hem was perfect for flipping up and
delivering an impromptu spanking. She could go either way tonight.

"Right then, you two," said Justin, bored of practising his whip hand on the
bedposts. "Bend over the end of the bed and let's give this a proper trial run."

"Both of us?" squealed Maz.

"Of course. Bottoms bared, please. I want you both going downstairs with noticeable
markings. Besides, I think a little warm-up is a sensible idea, don't you?"

Yes, I do! And if you want more than a warm-up, here are some more details:

In the internet age, it should be easy for like-minded fetishists
to find and connect with each other. Or so Cherry thought. Her
decision to enter the wild and wonderful world of BDSM leads her
to some interesting and unexpected places. She soon finds herself
on 'the scene' and her insatiable curiosity takes her to orgies, slave
auctions and mansion houses full of trainee submissives, but where
will she find her perfect dom? Will Cherry ever meet her match?

Available in paperback:

And for Kindle:

Justine Elyot is the UK bestselling author of On Demand, The Business of Pleasure
and Erotic Amusements. When she isn't buried under a pile of new projects, you can
find her waving at the world from her website http://justineelyot.com/ or gassing
about trivialities on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/JustineElyot

Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Giselle for letting me blether on here today – and
thanks for reading.

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