Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FREE Cocktales, Anyone?

Today I came across an erotic collection from the extraordinary people at Xcite.  I happen to have a story in this Cocktales collection AND it happens to be free.  I'm not sure if free is its permanent state of being or if it will cost money at some point in the future, but at the moment it's $0.00 so... buy now?

Enjoy a varied selection of erotic short stories by bestselling authors including Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell, Justine Elyot, K D Grace and Charlotte Stein in this fantastic 3 book bundle from Xcite Books, winners of ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

Originally published as three separate books you can now enjoy all twenty-four stories as a single ebook.

The Deepest Dig by Sylvia Lowry
Heat It Up by Shashauna P Thomas
Just Watch Me by Justine Elyot
Two Girls, One Cop by Elizabeth Coldwell
Making the Most of all in New Zealand by Eva Hore
Productivity by K D Grace
Just Like Your Father by Sommer Marsden
You Get What You Pay For by J Smith
The Clearing by Chris Ross
Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin Flowers
Would You Like Fries With That? by Sommer Marsden
Under the Desk by Charlotte Stein
All You Can Eat by Josie Jordan
One Item or Fewer by Elizabeth Coldwell
Star-Fucker by Jade Taylor
Have Your Cake and Eat It by Jeremy Smith
Deeds of Mercy by Giselle Renarde <=IS ME! IS ME!
Tropical Paradise by Velvet Tripp
Exemplary Employee by Charlotte Stein
Retail Seduction by Tabitha Rayne
You’re My Toy by Sommer Marsden
Date Night by Ariel Graham
Splendide Girl by Courtney James
Cardboard by Kay Jaybee


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