Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Freebies from Mischief (Limited Time Only)

Just a quick post about a pair of anthologies that are currently available for FREE at Amazon UK:

Brief Encounters
Sexy random opportunities so often arise when a girl is on the move with things to do and places to see. But sometimes, a passionate escapade is actually the journey’s ultimate destination.
Original erotica stories of women who took a chance to misbehave, from Rose de Fer, Primula Bond, Kathleen Tudor, Mina Murray and many more.
Kelly embarks on a whirlwind romance in Paris, but the most intense passion was always waiting for her in a hotel room.
Suzanna is the best sales rep in her company, and she chooses her thrills where she finds them on the road, but there’s one guy in an airport who makes a lasting impression.
On a Greek Island, Vicky discovers that competing with a seemingly perfect woman for her boyfriend’s attention, produces the holiday of a lifetime.

Forever Bound’ is special longer Mischief anthology that explores bondage, domination and submission in sixteen intensely erotic short stories.
‘Forever Bound’ features erotica from Kyoko Church, Heather Towne, Medea Mor, Maxine Marsh, Rose de Fer, Kathleen Tudor and many more.
Surrendering physical freedom to a lover in BDSM games is an enduring fantasy for many. For others it’s a way of life.
Zoe takes a job at a large private estate, but makes sure to entice its charming owner into tying her up in knots.
When Emma’s husband finally tires of her impossible demands and brattish nature, he uncoils the bondage gear and gets busy.
Madeline is a world class classical music composer, but backstage she unwinds by giving a different kind of tuition to her adoring fans.
Rachel attends an arm-binding class and is immobilised by just how sexy the instructor is.

I've looked up these titles at, but it didn't look like they were free. (That said, they were suprisingly cheap!)  Anyhoo, I'm not sure how long these books will be available at Amazon UK for free, so if you want them, get them NOW!


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