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Wet and Wild FREE READ: Nice Ice, Baby!

This post gets very wet

First off, WOW Skye Warren's blog hop image is hot.  I'm actually having trouble concentrating right now because I can't stop staring at that girl's boobs. #queergirlproblems

Maybe I should have added the image AFTER I wrote my post.

Actually, you know what?  Here's what I'm going to do: instead of telling you about my books and making you feel like you're being marketed to, I'm going to post a FREE READ.  A wet and wild read, one of my "erotic letters"--I started my career writing this style of erotica, and I still love going back to it.

So, here you go:

Nice Ice, Baby!

by Giselle Renarde

Last summer was killer for my Chris and I, in our stuffy non-air-conditioned one-bedroom apartment.  The heat and humidity made me so cranky I thought I was going to rip Chris’s head off…until he came up with a fail-safe way to keep me cool.

I’d heard of couples playing with ice before, but it never occurred to me that Chris and I might try.  Now that we’ve done it, boy, I wish we’d started sooner.  Nothing else cools me down quite like an ice cube between Chris’s fingers melting all down the front of my body.

He starts by covering the old chair in our living room with towels and sits me down on it.  Then he goes to the kitchen and fills a bowl with an entire tray of ice cubes.  At first, we thought one or two would do the trick, but we quickly discovered that…well, ice melts.  You need plenty of cubes.

Sitting on the sturdy old footrest by the chair, Chris takes one piece of ice between his fingers.  Or, more accurately, he claws into the ice with his short fingernails.  Remember, ice is cold.  He sets the cube on my neck and it melts in an instant.  He follows the droplets down my chest, but when the water streams between my naked breasts, he takes a different route. 

Chris circles the ice across my breasts, back and forth, until he reaches one of my nipples.  Once he gets to that sensitive spot, he circles the ice around that soft pinkish flesh until my nipple really feels the cold.  It’s an amazing thing to watch, really.  He goes around and around, and my flesh tightens into a bud.  My nipples never get so hard as when they’re subjected to Chris’s wonderful ice torture.

When the first nipple’s hard, Chris moves on to the next.  By this time, the cube has melted down to a drizzling nub and he usually pulls another from the bowl.  As he gets my tit all firm and erect, the ice melts down my belly.  Little droplets stream into my pubic hair, and I always get a moment of thrill the first time a bit of cold water hits my clit. 

As wonderful as the ice feels against my breasts, it’s a whole different story between my legs.  When I gasp my approval, Chris knows what I want.  He slides the ice down my belly and I tremble as cold water streams between my pussy lips.  Instead of darting straight at my clit, he takes a little detour and circles around my thighs.  My pussy gets happy, because it knows what comes next.

Strangely, the ice doesn’t feel terribly cold against my skin.  That’s what surprised me the most, when we first tried it: I thought the ice would freeze my flesh and I’d be in pain.  It’s really not that way at all…except when Chris draws the melting cube up my thigh and runs it up along my clit.  That’s the only time I really feel the cold.  He rubs me with ice, up and down against my clit, and it melts down my lower lips.  In less than a minute it’s colder than I can handle.

I tell Chris my clit can’t stand any more cold, and now comes the moment that excites us both the most: he slides the ice between my pussy lips and presses it inside of me.   

How can I describe the feeling?  

It’s like my pussy is so damn hot not even the coldest substance in our freezer can contend with it.  Okay, I admit, sometimes if Chris presses a particularly large ice cube up my snatch and I’m not quite ready, my pussy goes on auto-pilots and immediately ejects it.  But that doesn’t happen very often, and when it does we both get a good laugh.  Imagine an ice cube shooting out from between my thighs and whacking my boyfriend straight in the chest!

Even if we have an escapee, Chris just presses it back in, and by then my pussy’s acclimated and ready to accept more.  And more is exactly what it gets.  Chris pushes cube after melting cube into my pussy.  As the old ones melt, sometimes Chris gets splashed when he pushes new ones in, but that’s all part of the fun. 

Usually, we can fit six ice cubes inside my pussy.  That seems excessive, I know, but you give it a try and you’ll see how surprisingly easy it is to fill your pussy with ice.  Seriously…try it!  There’s nothing like a little ice play on a hot afternoon.  I like doing it because it seems out of the ordinary and a little naughty.  Chris says he loves playing with ice because I end up sparkling like a diamond with droplets of water.  It’s worth doing just for the way he looks at my body when I’m all wet and full of melting ice.

The End
"Nice Ice, Baby!" appears in Secret Confessions: 36 Erotic Encounters by Giselle Renarde, available from eXcessica Publishing, as well as many vendors like Amazon and All Romance.

And now it's time to talk about prizes!

Skye Warren is offering up a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret and a digital gift basket.

What do I have for you?

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