Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post: The Beach House by Bel Anderson

Hi Giselle and thanks for inviting me onto your blog! 

With the summer coming up (erm… well, with the summer supposedly coming up if you live here in the UK) it’s been great fun writing and reading about the seaside! Victoria and Lucy, the editors of Smut by the Sea 2, have done a great job in choosing stories that fit well together yet are very different from each other. 

My story, The Beach House, is a love story – a love story with some hot sex, naturally! We discover early on that Cally is desperate to see her first crush -‘the one who got away’ – again and, of course, he turns out to be equally pleased to see her. The story is set on the windy north Norfolk coast amongst the sand-dunes, a place I have visited and enjoyed. It is impossible not to be ‘blown away’ by the wild expanse of sea and sand up there, especially with gusts of about 60 mph! The sun does shine there sometimes, though, and Cally remembers summers spent there at the beach house as a child and in her teens. The reality of the old beach house is somewhat different, but it doesn’t matter because the two of them have some new memories to make…

Excerpt from The Beach House, by Bel Anderson

I step over the threshold and he reaches past me to flick the light switch, producing an electric-shock-type reaction from me as his arm brushes my shoulder, and nothing at all from the bulb in the ceiling.

              “Maybe the electricity’s off,” he says, flicking the switch a couple of times for good measure.
It is. The old card-meter is card-less. Bang goes any vision I may have been entertaining of a cosy fire and us writhing naked on the rug in front of it. I remind myself that it was never going to happen anyway; only in my filthy mind. In any case, if there still is a rug, it’ll be full of dust and goodness only knows what else. 

              “Oh well.” He looks at me, his green eyes clear and so, so beautiful in the half-light of the hallway. I make a snap decision. I reach up to touch his face and then slip my fingers slowly into the luxurious thickness of his hair. I stand up on tiptoe and I pull his head down to mine. He doesn’t resist. His breath, warm and clean, mingles with my own as his lips part and slowly, tentatively, find mine. A small moan of lust escapes me as his hot tongue slides delicately, almost politely, between them. I return the pressure as my chest heaves against his and suddenly he’s devouring me, his hands roaming from my hair to my face, to my throat and back again. I bury my fingers in handfuls of his thick hair, stroke the plane of his cheek, finger the smooth line of his jaw; everything I’ve been longing to touch from the moment I saw him this afternoon. I close my eyes and let all thoughts fall away. I just want to feel.

Bel has previously been published in anthologies by Xcite books and has recently had stories published in Smut Alfresco and Smut by the Sea Volume 2. She is working on a non-erotic novel and also an anthology of erotic stories.
You can find her blog here: http://belandersonwrites.blogspot.com  and her work here:

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