Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hurry! Free Summer Promo Opportunity for Authors

Came across this promotional/giveaway opportunity.  Gives us a chance to talk a bit about our books, too:

::: Permission to forward to anyone who might want to join in:::

Authors!! Do you have a book you want to giveaway ebook/print? Then come and join in on our RJ Summer contest this month.

What I need from you:
Send an email to chaoscat @ romance junkies.com with Summer Contest and your author name in the subject line.

In email I need

Author Name:

Author website or blog:

Book format you are giving away and number of copies:

Book title:

Book blurb:

Link to excerpt and buy link:

Tell us any or all of the below-

One character you adore

What sparked the idea for the story?

Some fun fact you came across while writing or researching the story

What you are working on next

All your social media links:

Anywhere you are going to be around the net or in person this summer:

We will be posting your giveaway in the Readers loop the week of July 22. And then at the end of the month I will pick winners for your giveaway and I will be emailing you their contact info so you can send them the book in ebook format or print format depending on what you give away.

Clear as mud?

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