Monday, July 22, 2013

New Anthology: Sex Toy Stories 2

Erotic Tales of Naughty Play
If you're a fan of sex toy erotica, you might just like the new Ravenous Romance anthology, Sex Toy Stories 2.

My story, Apron Strings and Wedding Rings, taps into the June Cleaver fetish I've often mentioned. (It also drives my MMFF menage novella The Birthday Gift, in case you hadn't noticed.)   

Wendy wants everything to be perfect: the full June Cleaver get-up, ham and potatoes in the oven, everything ready to go for when Rae gets home from work.  But when Rae gets one look at Wendy uncharacteristically dressed in an apron and heels, she laughs her ass off.  It all fits with Wendy's ultimate plan, giving her an excuse to subject her wife to a spanking with the wooden spoon.  This isn't something they've talked about, and though Rae happily goes along with her subjection to punishment, she can't let the event pass by without asking the same question that's been on Wendy's mind: "Are you bored?" 

Here's the anthology blurb:

Good sex is playful and imaginative, just as toys are meant to be! With a good sex toy, you can play by yourself, or play with a friend! Sex toys can be brought into the bedroom just for fun, but often they can open up a whole new level of play in a partnership, and uncover needs they didn't even know they had! Toys might be a prop and there might be acting involved, but at the same time in a sexual relationship you have to trust your partner a lot for that kind of abandonment. In the stories in this anthology, no toy is just a frivolous prop—something deeper is always revealed in the end. As an editor, this anthology was a pleasure to edit, so many different scenes, so many different perspectives and relationships. You dear reader, are in for such pleasure you may begin to use this book as your own prop!

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