Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ladies Who Love: When Women Get Together

So many anthologies!  Seems like every week I'm bringing you another one.

Mischief's newest erotica anthology is a collection of 10 lesbian shorts.  My contribution is a cougar/college girls menage short called "Morning Glory."

There’s more than one way to have sex in the bathtub.  Early Saturday morning, Wanda teaches Janelle how to have sex with the bathtub!  Wanda has a way of stretching Janelle’s limits and pushing her to do new things…like standing naked in front of an open window, for all the neighbourhood to see. By the time Wanda sets a plate of waffles on the table, Janelle is ready to eat everything in sight…including Wanda.  There’s whipped cream topping for Wanda’s top half, but where will Janelle bury the berries? 

Want a taste?

All innocent-like, Janelle picked up the bowl of whipped cream and used her strawberry to slather fluffy whiteness across Wanda’s dark nipples. “You hardly ever let me do nice things to you.”

Without waiting for a response, Janelle nuzzled Wanda’s nipple, getting a dollop of whipped cream stuck to her nose. Playing cute and coquettish, she raised her face to Wanda’s and her woman kissed the cream away. Janelle fed the tip of her big strawberry to Wanda and then ate the fat base herself. It was juicy and sweet—perfect fruit.

“Let me lick your tits?” Janelle pleaded. They looked so hot with white peaks like meringues covering both nipples.

Wanda smiled warmly. “I guess you’d better, now you got me all sticky.”

Janelle didn’t waste a moment. Tossing her strawberry stem on Wanda’s plate, she pressed those big tits together and devoured whipped cream. The sweetness danced on her palate as she sucked one pebbled nipple. Janelle’s cheeks were already sticky when she moved to the other tit, swallowing and wanting more.

“God, I love your boobs.” Janelle rubbed her face against that soft, yielding flesh.

She kissed both breasts, squeezed them, licked, sucked, while Wanda reached for the berry bowl.

“What else do you love?” Wanda raised her pelvis enough for Janelle to get a look at that dark, glistening pussy.

Plucking a colossal strawberry from the bowl, Janelle traced the tip down Wanda’s rounded stomach. “I love your belly.”

Wanda cooed as the berry left a wet trail to the dark border of her pubic hair. “Is that all you love?”


Ladies Who Love: When Women Get Together is available from Amazon and includes stories by Giselle Renarde (that's me), Annabeth Leong, Rachel Randall, Izzy French, Heather Towne, "and many more." <=a very prolific author, that one. LOL

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