Thursday, January 24, 2013

Call for Submissions: BBC Trans Script Opportunity for TV Writers!

This is ridiculously exciting: the BBC is looking for pitches from script writers. Why?  Because they want to develop "an original full-length comedy sitcom, comedy drama or sketch show... featuring transgender characters"!

I'll say that again: the BBC wants to read YOUR script involving trans characters or themes!

I may be Canadian, but I watch more BBC-produced programming than anything else.  What an amazing opportunity to present trans characters the way YOU want.  We've all had enough of clueless writers giving us dimensionless "tranny" punch lines and punching bags.  YOU can do better, and I want to see it!

And, more importantly, so does the BBC.

There are certain caveats to submission.  You need to be over 16 (and if you're not, you shouldn't be reading this adults-only blog, so go away for a few years! *smile*), and you need to live in the UK, or at least be prepared to move there for a couple years.

You've got until the end of February to get your script in, so get a move on!

All the details are on the BBC's website, here:

Break a leg!

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