Monday, January 21, 2013

Calls for Submission: To Do by February 1st (and a bonus video!)

It's going to be a busy week and a half.  Throughout January, my writing pace has been painfully slow, but I've got multiple short stories on my Calls for Submissions To Do list.  If you happen to be my Bizarro Jerry and you're just aching to write, here's what's on my plate:

Mitzi Szereto is looking for zombie erotica for Love, Lust and Zombies. Undeadline (haha) is February 1st. Read all about it here.

Alison Tyler wants 2000-4K bondage stories, deadline February 1st. Details are on Alison's blog.

I already submitted my story to Smut for Chocaholics, but it looks like the deadline has been extended to February 1st? (I had it down as January 12th).  Also, the url I had for it doesn't work anymore, but this one does:  Anyway, they're looking for 4-6k chocolate-themed erotica.  Read more here.

And while we're talking Smutters, Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse have a call out for Smut by the Sea Volume 2.  Also due February 1st, also 4-6k erotica.  Details here.

Tenille Brown's Can't Get Enough anthology has a mid-February deadline, but I honestly couldn't wait to write a story for her.  I started the day I saw the call.  Find out more here.

Beyond the erotic realm, there are three February 28th deadlines I'd like to draw your attention to over at Chicken Soup for the Soul.  I can't say I'll be sending in anything for Devotional Stories for Wives, largely because I'm no one's wife (but, oh, I love my life... and all that jazz) and also because my official religion is "no religious affiliation," but I encourage other queer women to go for it.  The Chicken Soup people surprised me in the past by publishing a story of mine strongly rooted in queer and genderqueer themes, so I always encourage LGBTQ writers to throw their work into the ring.  If you, like me, are neither wife nor Christian, then you might be more interested in submitting to their collections Lemons to Lemonade or Holiday Stories. For these and other possible books, do click here.

And now, the video you've all been waiting for... the woman who would be my wife if she only took the time to get to know me, and all that jazz... Bebe Neuwirth:


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