Friday, January 11, 2013

Say Goodbye to Oysters and Chocolate

Well, this sucks. Royally.

Oysters and Chocolate is closing down.

(Update: as of February 2013, O&C appears to be closed. The site is *poof* gone.)

In case you've never heard of it, Oysters and Chocolate is a site that's been bringing erotica readers free smut for the better part of a decade.  And not just any free smut--really good stuff. The best erotica available for free online, it's safe to say.

Last year, Every Night Erotica, a site which brought us free short erotic stories every night, closed its doors.  Now Oysters and Chocolate is saying goodbye.  As an author, I loved these sites because they were a way to showcase my work in a place where readers could get a hold of it for free, and also get paid a modest fee.  As a professional writer, getting paid is vitally important.  That probably sounds dumb, but it's easy enough to write for free.  It's hard to make a living.

I particularly loved Oysters and Chocolate because they were eager to publish lesbian erotica--with a focus on real, authentic, hot and kinky or sweet and lovely lesbian sex. As a queer writer, I always felt at home with O&C.

Suffice to say, I'm sad to see them go.  And for all the readers who will miss their free smut, I've created a page right here at Donuts and Desires: 

FREE SMUT! (where "smut" has a bit of a broad definition, encompassing erotica, kink, wordporn, erotic romance... a whole range, and all for free)

Bye bye, O&C.  I'll always love you!



  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Giselle. I'm totally heartbroken over this. I sold my first story to O&C, and have always sold them at least a couple stories each year since then. For exactly the reasons you named, I loved them as a writer. As a reader, O&C really helped me get comfortable with my love of erotica. The literary quality made me feel like I wasn't just reading trash, and helped me appreciate erotica of a bunch of different genres.

    Since I also contributed to and read Every Night Erotica, I feel like there's a huge hole opening up. I am crossing my fingers that something similar will come along, but I recognize that running sites like these is a really hard job.


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