Monday, September 9, 2013


I neglected to mention that I wrote stories for two new bestselling anthologies from Evernight Publishing: HIS and HIS: Manlove Edition.

HIS includes "Firemen on the Move"

Strength. Power. Experience. No obstacle is too great when an alpha male decides what he wants, and these dominating men are so sexy and irresistible, no woman would dare think of anything but submission. Billionaires, Doms, and mobsters alike aggressively go after the women they want, and they will stop at nothing to fully possess them and make them beg for more.

My story in this one is "Firemen on the Move."  I was inspired to write it en route to the supermarket, when I walked by a moving van from a company called... oh, now I don't even remember. "Fireman Movers" or something?  I saw a woman was sitting outside the apartment building where it was parked, watching and waiting.

By the time I'd walked home from the supermarket, I had this story all planned out in my mind.  A writer never stops writing.

When Bindi hired "Firemen On The Move" to transport her stuff from her parents' house in the suburbs to her first downtown apartment, she dreamed of meaty firemen jumping out of a truck, muscles surging, ready to lift anything. And that's exactly what she got. Except the company's bona fide firefighter-movers were in fact retired firefighters. She didn't expect them to be so... old!

Despite his age, there's something undeniably appealing about former firefighter Steve. It's not just his incredible body. He's easy to talk to, and when she forgets her purse in the moving van and Steve runs to her door late in the evening to return it... well, Bindi has a pretty good feeling they're going to do more than just talk...

I know what I'm talking about when it comes to older man/younger woman relationships. I was part of one for ten years of my life. (I was the younger woman, in case you're wondering.)

"This Stage of Life," my story in the Manlove edition, has a similar theme: older man/younger man, this time, and in this instance the older man is a teacher and the younger one a former student:

When Andrew pays his old high school a visit, a latent crush storms to the surface. Andrew attended the "Triple Threat" musical theatre program at a respected arts school. When he was a student, he had a girlfriend and the dance teacher, Mr. Czarneki, had a wife. Thirteen years after graduation, Mr. Czarneki is widowed and Andrew identifies as gay. There's a definite spark, and when Andrew follows the dance teacher home like a puppy, Mr. Czarneki shows the former student how to play like one.

HIS: Manlove
HIS: Manlove Edition
Strength. Power. Experience. There’s nothing like a man who knows how to get what he wants, both in and out of the bedroom. And these dominant alphas want nothing more than to please and possess the men they love. No kink is too risqué as these men ensure their lovers never want to be anywhere but under their command.
Come and find out how good it feels to be HIS.
You can snap up a copy of HIS: Manlove Edition from Amazon:

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