Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spoooooky Reads Promo Opportunity

Hello fellow authors,

This Halloween promo opportunity from Romance Junkies popped up, so I'm passing it along. If you've written anything spooky, read on:

::: Permission to Forward :::

If you want to join in please send the info below to Chaoscat@ with Halloween Read in the subject line.

RJ Halloween Reading List 

I’m compiling a list of Spooky Reads for Halloween for our Readers. If your story would be a good Halloween read – if it has Paranormal, ghosts, shifters etc then send me the info below. 

I will be posting the list in October on the RJ blog and in the Readers loop. I will also be asking if you want a copy of the list to post around on your social media. If you answer yes I will send you the list once it’s compiled. Clear as mud? ;-) 

Do you want a copy of the list when it’s completed?

Author Name:

Author Website:

Title of Book or Books:

Links to Excerpts and Buy links


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