Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vicious Rumour? Hearsay? Is Rainbow eBooks Really Closing?

Two days ago I was telling you how much I loved a little LGBT retailer called Rainbow eBooks,  Staff is approachable, and they've helped me raise money for a queer youth peer assistance charity called LGBT Youthline on more than one occasion.

And now what do I hear?  They're closing September 30, 2013.  Going out of business.

Not another one!

Fictionwise is gone (though, good riddance, amirite?), 1PFR is gone, as well as their 1EroticaEbooks or whatever that was called (see? I don't even remember once they've shuttered their bookshelves), free fiction sites like Oysters & Chocolate and Every Night Erotica have folded... what are we going to do, guys?

I heard this from a publisher, but there's no word about the closure on Rainbow eBooks' website, so... can anyone verify this information?  Otherwise I'm just spreading vicious rumours.

Rainbow eBooks, if you are closing, I just want to say I'm sad to see you go. You were so nice to me.

UPDATE: Confirmation from the Rainbow eBooks homepage:

Web Store Closing 
Effective September 30, 2013 the Rainbow eBooks web store will be closing.

So that we may serve our existing users, the web store will remain active for purchases through September 30, 2013 and will remain active for customer downloads through December 31, 2013.

After December 31, 2013 Rainbow eBooks will provide direct links to publishers, who request that we do so, so that you'll still be able to find all of the great GLBT eBooks that you've come to enjoy.

It has been our joy to serve you and we are very grateful to have had your support over the years.

Thanks for thinking Rainbow eBooks!
Tammy May, CEO

Gift Card Balances
Please plan to use any existing gift card balances by September 30, 2013 or contact the office at to make other arrangements.

So there you go, kids. It's not a rumour anymore.


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