Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Guest Post with A.M. Hartnett

I'm beyond busy right now, so A.M. Hartnett has kindly offered up a guest post to entertain you.  Thanks, Annemarie!

A Guest Post with A.M. Hartnett

I admit it: the reason this story exists is because I wanted to write a story about two people having sex in a boat house.

No, really.

There were things in the story that changed, like the characters being boss/secretary instead of merely co-workers, but the sex in the boathouse was never off the table. It's the scene that started the story, and while I knew I wanted to do it I had no idea how it would pan out. I figured things would end up pretty vanilla. I didn't think there would be ball gags and hog-tieing.

Shows what I know.


She left her shoes on the floating dock and shimmied out of her dress. Mask in hand, she climbed into what was to be her chariot for the night.

The seat was cool under her bare ass, such a contrast to the liquid heat filling up every other part of her. She eased back and parted her legs. As she waited, she relived Kendrick’s mouth sucking and licking her.

Eyes closed, she tilted her head back and ran her middle finger around and around. She didn’t play with her clit. That was for Kendrick. She just teased herself by stroking the swollen hood.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes and lifted her head.

A queer feeling buzzed around her, as though she wasn’t the only one waiting.

He was watching her.

She didn’t try to seek him out. Instead, her self-indulgence turned into a show.

Alexis propped her foot up on the edge of the seat and reached lower. She crooked her fingers into her pussy and the scene in her head flashed to Kendrick doing the same to her, fingers flexing as she sucked him.

Still, he didn’t appear. She blew out a frustrated breath and craned her neck, checking every window for signs of him.

Then her gaze fell upon the mask on the seat next to her.


She perched on the edge of the seat as she affixed the mask. The straps clasped behind her head, letting her pull the mask tight against her eyes. When she had done that, she resumed her pose, fingertips once more teasing herself.

Scarcely a minute later, the sound of the water lapping beneath the boat was broken by the creak of the door opening and then bare feet slapping against the wharf.

When Alexis booked her work retreat at The Deveaux, the most she had to look forward to was a bit of spa time on the company dime, but flashy salesman Chris Kendrick has an even better suggestion. For years they’ve had a hot and cold working relationship with a bit of flirting mixed in, and now is the perfect time to get that spark out of their systems.

Three days hopping in and out of beds (and other convenient places) shows Alexis that Kendrick’s smooth demeanour is more than just talk, and that aromatherapy and soft-tissue massages have nothing on Kendrick’s firm hand.


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