Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Basically, I Got Tired of Waiting (also, paranormal erotic shorts are finally available at Amazon)

I hadn't anticipated setting up an Amazon self-publishing account.  My plan was to let Smashwords work its distribution magic, but I uploaded my paranormal erotic romance series at the end of September and, as of two days ago, they still hadn't been "shipped" to Amazon.

So, basically, I got tired of waiting.

But the good news is that all my Paranormal Erotic Shorts ebooks are now available from Amazon.

Here they are:

To Dream of Her True Love's Face (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

The Mesmerist and the Mare (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Beneath the Ice (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Princess of the Ravens (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Jungfrau (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Milady's Bath (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Neither Love Nor Money (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

Sneak (Paranormal Erotic Shorts)

I think that's about it.


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