Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Need to Explain Sexi Lexi's Super Valentine's Day

Okay... where do I start with this one?

If the title "Sexi Lexi's Super Valentine's Day" sounds a little familiar, it should be. Kind of. Because this bisexual romp has been previously published both as Good Bi Valentine and All in a Valentine Day's Work.  The Sexi Lexi part probably sounds familiar because you've probably read this blurb (or something like it) in the past:

How many naughty tenants can one bisexual super tame before Valentine’s Day is done?

Lexi the sexi building superintendent is taking Valentine's Day by storm. Who needs candy hearts and a dozen red roses when she can have casual sex with foxy tenants? If Lexi can help a shy couple celebrate their love, she’s on it. If Mrs. Suraj wants her to fix those rusty pipes, she’s on the job. But when handsome Dwight tugs at her heartstrings, will Sexi Lexi turn cute and coy? How much love can one bisexual super capture before Valentine’s Day is done?

Basically, if you have a copy of Good Bi Valentine you already have a copy of Sexi Lexi's Super Valentine's Day.  Don't go buying it again, unless you're really keen on supporting me financially. And if that's the case, WOW, thank you!

The newly uploaded edition is clearly marked in the blurb as "previously published as..." so I don't think there's a chance of readers snapping up a copy without realizing they already own it, but I want to be extra sure I'm not pissing anyone off.  I can totally understand being pissed off because you just bought a book you already own and the blurb gave you no indication that it was ever published under a different name.

(Has that ever happened to you, by the way?)

I won't go into tooo many details about why I've had to re-release a THIRD edition of the ebook under a different name (mainly because I've spent enough time ragging on ebook retailers and their incomprehensible treatment of indie authors) but suffice to say one e-tailer that shall remain nameless banned the second edition. Wouldn't tell me why, wouldn't tell my publisher why. Guys, honestly, this novelette is an erotic comedy with zero taboo content and nothing that even brushes up against any e-book retailer's no-no list. I have no effing clue why it was banned.


If your Valentine's Day needs a fun and funny erotic read, here you go:

Sexi Lexi's Super Valentine's Day
by Giselle Renarde
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