Friday, February 28, 2014

Today's Ka-Thump is Best Erotic Romance 2014

I covet some things. Like a place in one of Kristina Wright's yearly Best Erotic Romance anthologies.  It's taken me yeeeeears to get in, so chin up all you aspiring authors. If at first you don't succeed, submit, submit again!

In this year's collection, you'll find my story "Something New":

“Any new ideas?” Elson asked.

He always pushed her to dream up something new, something they’d never tried before. Something they’d never even discussed.

“I don’t know.” Kim cradled the phone against her shoulder and fluffed her pillows. “Let me think for a sec.”

It wasn’t easy coming up with some kinky new move for each visit. In truth, Kim would have been happy with a straightforward fuck. She liked fucking. It was easy—he got on top, she spread her legs. Towering over her, he rutted like an animal until he filled her with cum. Why couldn’t they do that all the time?

“Hey, why don’t we save something new for the wedding night?” Kim nestled into bed. The sheets were cold, and she loved how fresh they felt against her warm skin. “That’d be a nice treat, to go all out when we’re finally married.”

That should buy her some time.

Just got my contributor's copies in the mail today and they look great, just like everything Cleis Press puts out there.


  1. Arrrg I have grabby hands for my copies. I said over at Tamsin Flowers' that this sounds like an amazing anthology Kristina put together.

  2. Tamsin Flowers' story comes right after mine!