Monday, February 17, 2014

Obligatory Family Day Post (or "Watching Downton Abbey With My Mother")

Today is a holiday in Ontario.  It's "Family Day." Usually I blog about that as a concept, but after spending yesterday with my mom and a couple of my siblings, I'm just going to post this conversation that happened during Downton Abbey (it was LAST week's episode, which I'd missed):

Mom: I've never seen this show before.

Me: It's a soap opera.

Mom: Who is that?

Me: Anna. She's a maid.

Mom: Oooh... what happened?

Me: She was raped.

Mom: By him?

Me: No. That's the Earl. He owns the house.

Mom: Is that girl a maid too?

Me: (laughing) No, that's Lady Mary.  She's one of the Earl's daughters. She sort of runs the house. Kind of.

Mom: Is that the Head Servant?

Me: The butler, yes.

Mom: Is that the girl who was attacked?

Me: No, that's Lady Edith. Her fiancee is missing.

Mom: I wonder how they get their hair like that.  Do you think they... (Sorry, guys, my mom talked about hair over an entire scene and I don't remember a word she said, until:) ...and then they'd put pins in it, like bobby pins, to keep the curls in place.

Me: Okay.

Mom: Oh... HER!

Me: Maggie Smith.

Mom: She's in this?

Me: Yes.

Mom: Is that the girl who was attacked?

Me: No, that's Lady Edith again.

Mom: Do they always talk about pigs this much?

Me: Yes, Downton Abbey is 50% pigs.

(my sister walks into the room)

Sister: This episode was on last week.

Me: I know. I missed it.

Mom: I've never seen this show before.

Sister: What? We watched it together last week.

Mom: Hmmm... I thought I'd never seen it before.

Sister: We watched this EXACT episode last week!

Mom: I must have fallen asleep.

Sister: No, you didn't. You asked me questions through the entire thing.

Mom: Do you know how they get their hair like that?


(aaaaand scene)

Happy Family Day.

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