Saturday, February 8, 2014

What To Expect When You're Least Expecting it

I made kind of a big announcement yesterday at Oh Get A Grip! and it's time to share the news here at Donuts and Desires:

In 1999, I kept a diary.  It was the only year of my life I kept a diary, and good thing I did because it was tumultuous as hell.  Sure my best friend had cancer and my family was struggling, but when you're in love nothing else matters.

And I was intoxicated. Besotted. Obsessed.

With my teacher...

LIKE IT'S 1999: Diary of a Teenager in love with a Teacher will be available to the reading public March 14, 2014.

This ain't fiction, kids.

It's real life.

It's my life.

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  1. Falling in love with English teachers... :-) and also <3