Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classy Commercial from Crossdressing Clothiers

Suddenly Fem ( recently announced they'll be promoting their brand on national television.

According to their PR release:
Suddenly Fem has been recognized as the nation's leading supplier of clothing, lingerie and accessories for the male to female crossdressing community. Suddenly Fem has almost 20 years experience designing and manufacturing high-end styles for the transgendered customer. With its exclusive product offerings such as the first denim skirt line made for men and the first ultra-realistic sheer pocketbra design, Suddenly Fem is leading the way in fashion and respect for the sophisticated crossdresser.

Their website showcases a wide range of products for MTF crossdressers and trans women--everything from breast forms to clothing to heels to gaffs to wigs. I'm so happy to see mainstream representation of crossgender self-expression! I'm not sure whether we'll get to see these promo spots here in Canada, but I'll be on the lookout.

If you'd like a sneak peak at Suddenly Fem's new commercial, here it is:


  1. SWEEEEEEEET!! Just when I begin to get discouraged with all the discrimination and feel like giving up, you post this. D'you know what, Giselle? You rock. Thanks! You made my day.

    :) Celine

  2. I'd never heard of Suddenly Fem until recently, but they certainly seem to be going out of their way to breach the mainstream. Their press releases have been showing up regularly in my news feeds, and now they've got a pretty slick looking commercial. Definitely a step in the right direction!

    I've came across a similar company through the newsfeed called Crossdresser Closet. I was SUPER excited to find out they're based in Southern Ontario, but it turns out they don't actually have a storefront and ship most of their items from the US.